Take a Journey of Self Love

Embark on a journey to Africa, where ancient ingredients and rituals inspired the creation of Uzari—a path to radiant skin. Uzari is for you: those who find confidence in your skin’s radiance, embrace heritage and nature’s wonders, and seek balance for yourself and the planet.

With sustainable, natural ingredients and transformative techniques, Uzari turns everyday routines into meaningful rituals—a journey of renewal. Even if you’re fearless, you deserve nurturing. Uzari offers an intimate reconnection with your roots, drawing strength from heritage.

Take the less-traveled road, explore skincare’s heart, and reconnect with yourself through self-loving rituals rooted in Africa’s wonders.

This is Uzari. This is for U.

Our Values

Traditional we believe traditional recipes are the foundation of modern sustainable skincare

Skincare Matters we believe radiant skin is evidence of well being

Sustainable we believe modern skincare must be clean & sustainable

Elevate we believe beauty creates a ripple effect of personal confidence

Founder Story

Yasmin Zachary, the heart behind Uzari Skincare, was nurtured by the deep-rooted skincare traditions of Nigeria and Ghana. These ancestral lands, rich in age-old beauty wisdom, laid the groundwork for her passion.

Navigating a bustling professional life, Yasmin journeyed across six continents, exposing her skin to diverse climates. Yet, she remained anchored by the African skincare rituals she grew up with. The daily gentle exfoliation, the pure ingredients that rejuvenated her skin, became more than just routines—they became her sanctuary.

In her quest to understand the potency of these rituals from her West African roots, Yasmin found a truth that was beautifully simple: they were effective.

Uzari Skincare is a tribute to Yasmin's odyssey — a blend of tradition, self-love, and the gift of radiant skin she offers to you.