Building Community

Building Community

By Yasmin Zachary

Building Community

At Uzari, traditional recipes are the foundation of modern sustainable skincare. We pride ourselves on incorporating traditional ingredients and techniques passed on through generations of African women. We believe that women form the foundations of every community and are passionate about enabling them through formal, informal & non-formal education. 

Uzari Skincare Making a Difference

Through our partnership with grassroots organizations like BIIKA, we are laying the foundations for long-term sustainable developments in rural African communities. One percent (1%) of all Uzari purchases go to fund the education of underprivileged young women. We aim to help bridge the socioeconomic gap in rural communities. Unlike their male counterparts, who are prioritized for educational opportunities, women in these communities are often left behind to support their families and raise children.

Sustaining West African Traditions

Handcrafted in Ghana, our traditional black soap is formulated using only plant-based ingredients from the region. This tradition of black soap making has been passed down for generations. By using local ingredients, we fuel these communities and create job opportunities for women.  

Establishing New Traditions with Uzari Skincare

We understand the many faces women have to wear to navigate daily life. We know the pressures on women to always be ready to take on the challenges from work, life, and family. Traditionally, women take care of everyone else, leaving little to no time for themselves. We aim to break that tradition. We want to empower you to take time for yourself. We've got your back with clean, reliable skincare and a community that supports U. 

The Uzari Skincare community is about supporting and connecting confident, multifaceted, go-getting women worldwide and encouraging balance in their everyday lives.