Confidence lessons from my mother

Confidence Lessons from My Mother - Uzari Skincare

By Yasmin Zachary

Confidence lessons from my mother

Before starting Uzari Skincare, my professional career led me to various industries, banking, aviation, and energy. I wore many hats in a single day. While working as a flight attendant, I have had the opportunity to travel widely on six continents. While traveling, I interacted with people from all walks of life and dealt with all kinds of conflicts. In business and through my work travels, I learned pretty quickly that I always had to be 'ready to win!' Being ready to win wasn't about knowing the right things and having the right makeup or clothes. It all came down to how confident I felt in any given situation. Discovering that about myself piqued my interest and led me down a path to find the natural source of this superpower. It opened the door to the totality of who I am and the things that shaped and fueled me -- It all led back to lessons from my mother.

Unconditional love Matters:

As a single mom (from my teenage years,) my mom did all she could. She was present in her care, providence, and overall actions to assure her children felt her unwavering love. We had moments of conflict, but nothing that made me question her love for me. That created a safe environment where I could explore my individuality, trusting and knowing she was always present.

Faith Matters: 

Belief in a higher power is in the foundation of most African communities. My mother raised me Christian, and this grounding has undoubtedly formed my person and kept me sane in every situation. With the belief that there is a power greater than yourself, I'm always able to push beyond what I thought possible.

Trust Matters:  

My mom is very conservative and quite reserved. However, she never restricted my dreams. She always trusted and supported me with any wind I chose to follow at any given time, provided it was respectable & legitimate. That allowed me to trust myself and be confident in my capabilities.

Selfcare Matters:

We didn't call it selfcare growing up, but all the lessons were there starting at an early age. It cuts across personal cleanliness, respect for the environment, prayer and meditation, community impact, fellowship, education, and intellectual growth. Selfcare is everything you do to feel whole -- It is everything you do to help you feel complete.   

Culture and Heritage Matters: 

Understanding my heritage and the lives of my ancestors help to root me. It allowed me to see their vision and limits and to know I could dream beyond their dreams while respecting and honoring the roads they took. I take my respect for my culture and heritage everywhere I go. To this day, I still catch myself curtseying to older people when I greet them. LOL.

Family Matters: 

Family is more than the people with whom you share blood. It is your community, your friends, and even some you have never met. Prioritizing family bonds help you to feel less alone in the world. And caring for your family enriches your life with purpose and meaning. 

Generosity and Kindness Matters: 

A lesson I learned first hand in her actions to everyone around her -- if she had it, she gladly gave it. Giving it away didn't mean she didn't also need it; it sometimes meant the other person needed it more. It was how she cared for her extended family, her community. It taught me that you don't have to have a lot to make a difference. You can make a difference by helping just one person.

A Positive Attitude Matters:

Even through tears, my mom recognizes every problematic situation as a learning experience. She believes that the solution to any problem is within reach. She would figure out the answer, take action and move on. Her optimism in the face of hardship instilled in me a fearlessness that allows me to remain calm in difficult situations. 

For a young girl, confidence isn't built or destroyed through one single act. It's a series of small actions, sometimes unintentional, that shape how she thinks about herself and how she shows up in the world. Looking back, these are the lessons from my mother that mattered the most. 

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